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Reseller Hosting in Pakistan facilitates you to quickly start a reseller hosting company for yourself and start selling cPanel based shared hosting from the first day. We are managed reseller hosting provider in Pakistan.

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Reliable Reseller

eHosting is the reliable cPanel based reseller hosting company. We provide reseller hosting on our cPanel dedicated servers. In your lifetime sometimes you need to build a reseller web hosting company but are not able to make one because of the technical difficulties faced by you for acquiring a dedicated server and then convert it into a reseller hosting machine. Also the cost of purchasing a dedicated server is also huge. That is the time when our reseller plans make it easy for you to make a reseller company in few clicks.

Reseller Plans

Choose from the Elite reseller plans below and start your hosting company today, you also get free domain name & 2 months free on yearly order.

1 GB Plan

1 GB SSD Hosting Space

10 GB Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order

5 GB Plan

5 GB SSD Hosting Space

100 GB Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order

10 GB Plan

10 GB SSD Hosting Space

200 GB Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order


Unlimited SSD Hosting Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order


Below are some of the Elite Features we have for your reseller hosting company.

Free SSL Certificate

We provide free SSL certificate not only to but also to your clients so that you both are feeling secured with a reliable company like

CloudLinux optimized

All our reseller hosting servers are optimized with CloudLinux to provide you and your client the service you deserve. Order now & enjoy it.

Uptime Guarantee provides you and your clients 99.99% uptime guarantee, with blazing fast browsing speed. So that you can concentrate on your business.

Zamfoo script

Our reseller hosting comes with zamfoo script which enables you to manage your clients website from one single page.

Daily Backup Facility

You and your clients will get daily backup facility of the website data so that you both enjoy the data protection that we provide to you.

Custom Name Server

eHosting provides you custom name server facility due to which your clients will never know that you are hosted with us.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In your life, there is a time when you want to start your own hosting company but you don't know how and where to start, as starting a web hosting company is both painful in the sense you will need a lot of experience to build server, install all the OS, applications, secure it, etc & very costly if you want to purchase a dedicated server and convert it to hosting facility to sell shared hosting to your clients. That is the time when reseller hosting comes handy and helps you to start your hosting company with few clicks at the cheapest rates compared to a dedicated server.

We provide managed reseller hosting in which we manage everything including, installation of any custom script you or your client want to be installed on server OS, solving your hosting problems faced by you, help you to know every thing about reseller hosting in Pakistan. We are a managed reseller hosting provider in Pakistan. It will help you to concentrate on your customers and our staff will be available 24 hours a day to take care of your hosting account. Reseller Hosting is the best way to start your own web hosting company compared to a VPS or a Dedicated Server as both of them are costly.

Reseller Hosting Platform

Reseller Hosting is provided on different Operating Systems like Linux OS & Windows OS. We provide it on Linux OS as Linux is free to use, also it is very user-friendly, easy to manage & learn. And the most important thing is that cPanel is available on Linux Operating System. So because Linux is free of cost and cPanel use it for its hosting panel, therefore we have installed it on our dedicated servers to provide you Pakistani reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is suitable for those people who are web designers & web developers who want to focus on developing websites & have no time to manage shared hosting of their clients. Also reseller hosting is the best way for those people who are newbie in web hosting business and want to kick-start their profession in hosting niche market. Running a web hosting business is quite profitable, but setting it up from scratch isn’t the easiest. 

But running a reseller hosting is very easy, by click of a button you will be able to create shared hosting account for your customer without the need of technical expertise in shared hosting or server installations. Therefore, buying a reseller hosting plan will help you to start your web hosting company the easiest way, and start selling from the first day without any installations on the server or managing the server. A regular maintenance routine for the servers is a must to provide fastest & secured web hosting services. For that purpose we perform timely hardware tweaks, software updates, webserver checks, and Linux security patches so that you & your valued clients can enjoy the blazing speed of our dedicated servers.

How to make Reseller Hosting website?

If you are a newbie & don't know how to develope or design a website for your reseller hosting company in Pakistan. You can select a template from our hundreds of reseller hosting templates which you get in your account or you can avail the services of our web designers and web developers who will help you to create a beautiful, unique, Google friendly website for your reseller-hosting firm. A unique looking website is your first step towards a succesful hosting provider in Pakistan.

Marketing Tactics

Marketing is the next step for you to be successful in your new business. You can make instagram account, facebook page or twitter account and start posting on them to start increasing your followers. Also you can do SEO of your website to rank on Google first page so that you can get visitors to your website & increase your clients pool.


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Why Choose eHosting
eHosting is a top hosting company providing services from 2012 in Pakistan. Although our office is in Rawalpindi we provide all our services to all other Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar & all other small cities & towns too.