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VPS Hosting in Pakistan

For reliable SSD Virtual Private Server you can order from eHosting as we have the cheapest & best SSD VPS Servers in Pakistan. Get both managed VPS as well as unmanaged VPS Server.

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SSD VPS Hosting

eHosting is the first Pakistani company to offer cheapest virtual private server with SSD facility, also you can get both managed as well as unmanged VPS servers. Our VPS are the most reliable servers. We provide free domain name & 2 months free if you order VPS for one year minimum term. Our VPS are offered on both OpenVZ as well as KVM. We provide VPS on our managed dedicated servers therefore, we give SLA for all VPS. We also provide Free VPS for a week so that you can test our services. We have user-friendly dashboard for VPS management.

VPS Plans

Select the plan which best suits you, if you want customized plan you can contact us directly.

1 GB Plan

1 GB SSD Hosting Space

10 GB Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order

5 GB Plan

5 GB SSD Hosting Space

100 GB Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order

10 GB Plan

10 GB SSD Hosting Space

200 GB Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order


Unlimited SSD Hosting Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Domain Name

Cloud Linux Powered Hosting

Free Web Design on 2 Years order


Below are some of the Elite Features we have for your golden website.

RAID Protected Disks

With our RAID protected disk drives, your data is twice as safe and
fast. Our servers are powered by SATA disk drives with 4 to 12 drives of
2 to 3 TB each.

Full Root Access

Get complete root access to your server via the SSH terminal. You can
reboot your server and perform many other critical functions via the VPS
control panel.

Scalable Resources

Choose from CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth, IP and Software upgrades as and when you need them. Contact our friendly support team for more

VPS Control Panel

Put yourself in full control of your VPS. Shutdown, Reboot, Backup or
perform other essential functions on your VPS straight through the VPS
control panel.

No Contracts & Free Setup

Free Setup (except for custom packages) on all our prebuilt packages. No long term contracts. Pay monthly and cancel any time if you wish to
from our customer portal.

Private Name Servers

HosterPak allow private name servers due to which your clients will
never know you are hosted with us, it will safeguard your entity.

What is a VPS?

VPS is the short term used for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a virtual machine which is sold by internet providers like eHosting.pk as a service. We will understand about a VPS with an example. In layman’s terms, a dedicated server is the most powerul computer on which all the data of a website is stored. When someone browse your website all that data is served by that powerful dedicated server to your website visitor. We eHosting.pk virtualize that dedicated server into a VPs with the help of Openvz or KVM virtualization technology, So that you get your own piece of CPU, Ram, Hard-Disk & Network Speed, which means you are not sharing all the above four resources with others on the dedicated server.

As on a VPS you will be having your own resources dedicated only to you, therefore you will get higher speed for your websites. You can install any OS you want to. You will have root access on a VPS server just like you have on a dedicated server & you will be able to install any custom software or app on your virtual private server. Buying a VPS is also suitable for you if you need a cheap alternate to a dedicated server & you need less resources compared to a dedicated server.

Why you need a VPS?

When you want to be online on the internet you order a website with a shared hosting plan. In the begining of this wonderful journey you get few to hundreds of visitors per day to your website which is easily served by your shared hosting plan. But over time when your website grows, and when you get thousands of visitors, that is the time when you should shift to a VPS server, because if you don't shift on your VPS  your website will lose the extra visitors your website deserves. Google also don't like such thing and will de-rank your website if your website is not able to cope with high volume of visitors.

This is the time when you should either shift to a dedicated server or a VPS server. The best option between these two is to shift to a VPS server. The main reason is that a VPS is cheaper compared to a dedicated server. Also installing OS, other apps, securing & hardening a VPS server is easy compared to a dedicated server.

VPS vs Shared Hosting

A VPS is a dedicated part of a physical dedicated server. A VPS is a mini dedicated server on which you can feel the same features you have on a dedicated server like full root access, dedicated CPU, Ram and other resources & full control of all the functions whereas in a shared hosting you are sharing all the resources with other websites on the same server. You will share CPU, Ram & network resources as well as all other resources with other website owners on the same web server.


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About eHosting
eHosting is a top hosting company providing services from 2012 in Pakistan. Although our office is in Rawalpindi we provide all our services to all other Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar & all other small cities & towns too.